Feb 2016

In my search for something raw and in my brave attempt to crack my own ribs in order to bleed from the heart, some may say I was trying too hard for the affection of my muse. But I ask this: why would you not give yourself every single chance to plaster your soul onto your mirror so you can see you for all you are? Why would you not want to meet every corner of your being? In all of its brokenness and darkness?

No darkness can be revealed and transformed into light without first opening up the curtains to allow purity to bleed into every nook and cranny of our complacent, dusty stages. Most days, we act. This was not acting.

I poured everything I had into revealing my true nature, projecting an image of purity and fire onto a dirty canvas. The piece is stunning, but as with all art, it is only temporary. The real art is not found in the finished work. It is found in the process of mixing what was with what is and transforming it into a question that begs to know,’what will be?’

In saying my final goodbye to you, I now must risk saying farewell to pieces of me I have been waiting my entire life to exhibit. As with all of my work, it is very difficult to say farewell to cherished pieces, especially those that you consider to be your turning point. Someday, as the paint dries and cracks are formed with no remedy, my curiosity will peak as I imagine new blank canvases on which to create a’new. As with any form of inspiration, it may run off for some time, but it will always return. Guaranteed.

All I can hope is that this piece finds a good home, hanging on the walls as a mirror … as a reflection of what we once were – a brave, fiery display of untamed and impassioned love.


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