Could It Be? HIM & HER = YOU.


There once was a woman who was banished from hell.

Her unforgiveness was too much for her own demons to quell.

She sat atop the world all alone,

lapping up the venom that pooled at her throne.

Her wickedness turned down stars and laughed at the moon,

putting out the sun with an earth-shattering tune.

The music went sour and the breeze fell below,

the core of this earth was dying in her final show.

She gathered their hearts and strung them on wire,

barbed, so her victims were caught in the mire.

Along came a man who was banished from heaven.

His own pure heart was more than the Lord could believe in.

He sat at the bottom of the world all alone,

casting his love in directions unknown.

He sang of hearts breaking and mending as one,

and stars that shown bright while dancing around the Sun.

He orchestrated the galaxies into an eternal dance,

like that of ballets or in a lover’s glance.

His heart strings caught on her wire,

the woman snagged her catch before he could try her.

The push and the pull between darkness and light

churned up the oceans and moved mountains with might.

The yin and the yang, the him and the her;

the tsunamis back and forth created a stir.

The static between the two battling souls

created lightening a’top the two poles.

Heaven and Hell spun out of Earth at such a great speed,

it was bound to wreak havoc on those once in the lead.

The Devil arose in great fear,

for this woman awoken was near.

The Lord looked down on the earth and shouted with rage,

“who is this pair that turns the world on its axis and lights up my my stage?”






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