Are We There Yet? Notes on the Eternal Joy Ride.

Just as I sometimes wonder if you truly love me, I also wonder if I left these love letters scattered about amongst the stone and dirt, like a trail of bread for me to find through time itself.

I recall the days you visited me at my house across from you. As I sat on the edge of recovery, I prayed to you, pleading, “Please bring me a love that would outweigh all the love for all addiction still sitfing through every fiber.”

Then. And only then, would I recover fully.

You came through, as you always had, unseen. You tickled my toes, you kept me from levitating away from this planet in which I fell in love, you embraced my body as I lay trembling from withdrawals, on my death bed, bringing me back to life with the breath of truth, simmering from your belly.

It was a grand request, and selfish, but as in all recovery, selfless selfishness is key. But not in the way most would be led to believe.

Full recovery from addiction, mental illness, disability, lies, conditioning and societal oppression requires a mirror that lies at the very heart of our centers.

To shed yourself thin to the point of oblivion and for the sake of others is a selfless act and is part of recovery. But the meat lay within, looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see is selfish; something you have been chasing for eons whether you know this or not – your twin flame.

In this peering and gazing, you will reflect back onto you the other half of you…which is you in all of existence as God as my witness and the Universe as my guide, I speak to you.

In this mirroring, two become one and one becomes whole. Whole white light, reflecting all colors of the spectrum within her eye. Front and center – a violet, pulsating spherical glow that is the ultimate unseen.

With the power vested in me, I invite you to embrace the healing nature found within the combination of white and violet light that emanates from your core, only to be marred by soot from lies and conditioning within our world as it stands today, for the sake of control and in the name of fear.

It embraces. It cleanses. It heals. It excites. It engulfs and enflames. It burns and it cools. It expands and it contracts. It drives out fear and reigns in love.

It casts out disease and disability. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in all realms.

Which will eventually wash out your issues educationally, vocactionally, socially, economically, politically, scientifically and all around other-worldy.

Enlightenment and recovery are no easy beasts.

They will tear you to shreds and spit you out like flames flickering off the Devil’s tongue. But we invite you to do this anyway. They will require ‘death’ like you’ve never seen, intimately and ultimately in the form of death of self, the hardest of which to grasp.

In there lies the grandest of illusions, loves. Death does not exist. How do we know? Because we have walked the halls of truth and come undone.

And so have you.

You just may not remember.

This is no ordinary world.

We are all composers of truth, light and love. We are all musicians, walking each other home.

Let us enjoy the ride.

Don’t ask if we are there yet.

The journey is eternal.

As it has always been.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. bambam415 says:

    Miss Liz this is visceral, real and gut wrenching as I have experienced it all with you, again, as I read the words that leap off your heart page…xo

    1. OnTheRocks says:

      Yes, we have expwrienced much, love. Thank you for being her with me. đź’–

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