As the Table Turns.

I assure you dear, I don’t need you. When and if I do, I will surely let you know, but do not hold your breath.

To say I need you is like taking us back to a place where we initially jumped off the cliff and took that leap of faith into yet another brutal lesson, which was one of nonattachment. To turn back the clock and suction the sand through the top of the hourglass once more, would be self-defeating, no? Afterall, your reason and advice didn’t fall on deaf ears, I assure you. On top of that, I’d rather not pretend to be something I am not to suit this insatiable need to save all from simply living their lives, quite contently, I might add.

I fear that no, it is much more on the flipside. In your quest for eager ears, submissive souls and weakened vessels to satisfy this urge to save – you, I fear, are the one in need. Within this blind-sided, hyper-focused, one-track mind, I sense there is a lesson that you preach, yet do not practice.

A lesson on power. You claim to restore power to those who are weak, yet in attempting to do so, we are stripped. Each of us, again, develop our inner power and strength at our own pace. To be forced or coerced is to simply sour the tongue and bug the brain. It’s useless and counterintuitive, leaving most agitated at best.

One must feel empowered to powerfully influence others or ourselves. Faking it to make it rarely works. I’ve tried and discovered years later, that this foundation of my self-worth was simply built in sand by the opinions, validation and mimicry of others. In the end, it washes away and I am left to rebuild.

Quite frankly, I became tired. So, I mustered up what little umph I had left and seated a hearty foundation apon rock – truth, integrity and brutal honesty; which included everything but not excluded to self-praise, pats on the back and ego strokes to self-doubt, throwing in the towel and the admission of fault.

Be wary of your choice in words, as will I. Choose your words carefully and let us practice a stealth-like delivery of them; timely, accurate and potent.

And, most importantly – let them be true.

To empower others is to indeed instill positive change from within and, eventually, out into this thirsty world.

There is an art to it.

There is a balance.

There is a fine line drawn in the sky between Right and Wrong.

May we walk this line, on edge, forever on guard but loos’d and lucid, as we become the examples we speak of; for my dear, we are already Warriors, working with one another without desperation or need.

Now the true test begins as we discover what we may become.

As the Table Turns.

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  1. bambam415 says:

    Brilliant…cogent words of your ever increasing wisdom as you seek your essence as God will continue to reveal to you…XoBarbara hugs too!
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