“Repitition. They won’t let me heal, ya know.”

“How so?”

“They make me repeat the same stories over and over again, man. Like, I’m going on a decade now of this. They even ask me if I have flashbacks.”

“Do you?”

“Kinda hard not to when you have to replay the scenes all over again for their fucking government quotas. I now just refer them to my blog and I say to them, ‘if you really want to know, either look it up your government computer system or read my blog … it’s all there in plain sight.’ I’m tired of writing and talking about it. I’m exhausted.”

“Sometimes it’s good to look back though … helps ya remember how far you’ve come.”

“That’s just it, in ten years, I’ve gotten nowhere but round and round, reliving the same day over and over. Besides, the past isn’t what I’m looking forward to remembering.”

“What are you looking forward to remembering?”

“I want to remember our future.”

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