The Longest Unzipping of My Life.

She tempered his teeth spread out on her plate, dicing them into threes. His wisdom lay bare on his back succumbing to her pleas.

She nestled within his windswept hair and shaved his beard that day. It wasn’t until she rolled in between his legs that she realized she liked it better that way.

She traversed the canyons of his soul n bit him between, where the wild kingdom roamed and the residue of honey glistened n gleaned.

The pegs that stood aboard his ship were whittled out of wood, but the beating of his heart was fast n shy through the sheets where her victim stood.

She draped him in capes n fine linens that saturated his skin. She gorged his sides til blood spilled out and the beat throbbed within.

A milky white chance spilled over the edge as she stood at the top of his range and shouted out to the echo that sounded alarms for the deranged.

He squirmed and thrusted up and down and side to side, in between her body and soul. It wasn’t until she licked her lips and traveled between his cheeks that the threshold had reached its toll.

She went down, under n beneath to lap up his mind where it whipped and wrangled the earth. Into the great beyond was where he left her to swallow up his girth.

Her tongue wrapped around the shaft and fired a round or two. The bending and the slippery slopes gave way, and he hadn’t had a clue.

The earthquakes trembled and grazed his skin. His hair stood up on end and the enemy hid deep within.

The volcano of armies spewed without the shadowy spine. He grunted and he hollered until they collapsed and gasped for air and whined.

She danced and she charmed him out on top, where the King thinks he’s !mastered his wife. She slapped n whipped him sideways and shouted, “That was the longest unzipping of my life!”

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

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