Time Out.

To all those brilliant souls and minds who wish to collaborate and pull our creative forces together, I desire nothing more so than to work with you; however, I need to recoup first in my own way and fully recover amongst others in my tribe.

Somewhere way far, North & West, where I have been invited for months on end.

This has been the hardest year of my life, hands down and I need not go into that here. I smh looking back on years before where I had said the same thing, only to eat my words. As if it were a challenge.

I can be reached during this time, but I will be taking some much needed time away from the East Coast mentality of hustle, bustle and sell, sell, sell. I have been hustling all my life and have burnt out to charred remains.

I used to be a multi-tasker with speed and efficiency that rivaled many, a Jack-of-All Trades and Master of None. In my line of work, it was about production, efficiency … things just got done. However, in my personal creative life, nothing was ever finished and sometimes never even started.

I owe this to myself to finish good work. My novel, for one. A screenplay for another. My art therapy concept (Charred Atlas), as well. My life’s ambition to move and keep moving in all ways that fulfill my sense of wanderlust and sense for adventure.

I have not had a vacation, that was meant for R&R, in over 10 years. I left town 4-5 years ago but even then, I was striving, working and hustling.

In this time of great need, to reconnect with nature and all things ‘authentic’, I simply ask for respect and understanding as I step away from the inititiation of big projects, creative direction, production and social media.

My mental health is of utmost importance in this time. And if I cannot listen to me, I will not be able to be a productive member within any sort of collaboration in the coming years.

I intend to part ways temporarily in the coming months. Where exactly I will go, is unknown, as I cannot even plan or promise for the day ahead of me at this point any longer. I know where I’m headed, yet how I arrive remains a mystery and how long it takes to get there, into the great unknown, is even beyond my scope.

If you realize all roads connect, know that the journey is the key, understand that “home” is where you are, and never set a destination, you can never be lost, frustrated or lonely.

To save my life, I choose to be out beyond the ridge, somewhere overlooking the sea, with a corona in hand and a fire pit at my feet as the Sun sets on yet another successful day of writing, reading, laughing and moving my body to the rhythms nature intended for me.

“And I will not wait.

If we fell victim to the fear and the cries of concern from those that assume they know us best, we’d never meet the Mother of All Muses—ourselves.

And maybe their fear speaks more about themselves, than it does about us. Maybe they are afraid of meeting the deepest corners of expansive brilliance within themselves.

I know enough of love to know by now that, in the end, it’s not just a matter of loving another; ultimately, we are looking for a companion that shows us how to fall in love with ourselves. We are longing to see our reflection in another soul.

Face to face, in the reflection of those we meet along the way, in the vastness of nature that mirrors our innermost desire and need for freedom, and in the sifting through the “CliffsNotes” of stories we weave in our minds upon our initial exchange with the fullness of life, love and new friends.

In the midst of endless and enormous mountain ranges, empty roads, and traveling alone, I realized the absolute fascinating reality of my own mind. It is expansive. It is terrifying. It is addictive. It is truly the last frontier. The unknown.

Therein lies the mysterious companion they speak of, with whom I am supposed to be traveling.”

Xoxo, Lizzy




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