“No, I don’t know you at all. It’s true.”

“Then why do you turn away? Why don’t you try?”

“I did. I fed you parts of me no one has seen and I expect the same in return.”

“There’s no harm in digging, Liz.”

“Yes. There is.”


“Because. All I’ve ever known was digging a hole so deep all I ever reached was rock bottom. It is lonely down there.”

“If you really believe someone to be your mirror, then why don’t you try using a little more force until you see a reflection…the exact thing you’re in search of?”

“I’m not so sure I believe enough anymore. I am running out of stamina. I’m not ready to just see myself again. Alone.”

“You wouldn’t have even been introduced to the concept of mirroring if you weren’t ready to unveil your true reflection.”

“So you’re saying, try digging a little harder into the abyss?”

“You are already there. I’m telling you to shatter it.”

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