A Random Debriefing. Skillfully Lewd & Crude.

Nothing says, “get your inner whore together” like waking up to briefs on your floor from one random man, a random one-night stand on some random Monday a month ago. This particular night, I visited the bar twice. I guess my morning binge wasn’t enough, so I returned at night and met an engineer. Totally […]

Aww Shucks, Google! *blushes*

That’s all it took for a psych ward stint, followed by a month of rehab. A Google voice message left on my screen. Yup, simple as that. I was at the bar one day, feeling a bit heavier in my spirit than usual. I was talking to someone, and suddenly a clear message scrolled across […]

Drunken Dream Catchers

Medusa’s on the table Dancing on Scarecrow’s brain, While Tin Man’s in the corner mending his heart, As the new girl before the mirror waits in vain. Paul Bunyan’s on the shelf Sowing his wild oats, As Babe the Blue Ox forges lakes, Where the loons can crack their jokes. Liquored up and saddled in, […]