Razor’s Edge.

There’s a razor’s edge between our tongues that cuts us through our core. I loved you once and I love you still in the space where we want more. More of life and laughter, and a future where it lay between two hearts. The bleeding and pulsing that it sliced between this part: The part […]

Friendship – Lost & Found

“A part of this reticence is reflected in the moments when friendship is appreciated. If friendship rarely articulates itself when it is in full flood, it is often only given its due when it is over, especially if its end is sudden or caused by death. Suddenly, it seems, we have lost something so valuable […]

Without a Trace

I had a dream this morning about a hunter or explorer who lost his hunting dog in the wilderness. He feared he had been attacked by a Grizzly or a pack of Wolves. He took out his satchel and marked an X on the dog’s name, next to the rest of the pack..as if to […]

One Heart Beat Away

I am one heart beat away from missing you. I am one table away from one for two. I will have to pull my heart away. You will have to keep me from being swayed. … It’s not your fault in this triangle affair. It’s not like you were meant for me to share. I […]