“No, I don’t know you at all. It’s true.” “Then why do you turn away? Why don’t you try?” “I did. I fed you parts of me no one has seen and I expect the same in return.” “There’s no harm in digging, Liz.” “Yes. There is.” “How?” “Because. All I’ve ever known was digging […]

Will You Be?

Will you be the ground I walk on When the sun sets in the West? When the travelers have set sail And I’ve said goodbye to all the rest? … Will you be the one that holds me steady When I’m tired of feeling strong, When my independence cracks And my desire for your love […]


You know how I can tell she’s in love? Because she’s licking her lips again as she writes, after a decade of denying the chemistry pulsing beneath her skin. Watching her is like watching that piece of raspberry chocolate cake go round and round the turn table in the diner…knowing fully well it would be […]


Fog horns still eerily sound off as two ships pass in the rain, threads still glisten as each is woven into the web, and sparks still fly as two comets narrowly miss one another. All stunning in their own right. But not nearly as breathtaking as when they collide. I vaguely remember this gentleman sitting […]


Like a valley with no echo, somewhere between your exhale and the vulnerability unleashed in the simplest of words, were a thousand things left unsaid. In your last breath and in your gaze, I heard so much more. You meant every unspoken truth that trailed off into a deep exhale that unraveled my clothes and left me naked before you. It was about one soul recognizing the other in a single stunning glance held in the intoxicating space between us.