We smoked them ’til their blood ran warm as the honey calmly sedated our nerves like oozing caramel melting on simmering tongues that spoke only of melodious things as it slithered down throbbing throats meant to turn and close like switch blades on lies, only to open harmoniously within the cadence of wings beating to […]

Lock & Key.

“It’s easier to clean house this time around, ya know.” “Totally.” “It’s like these pieces I’m selling and giving away have spirits that are attached to them that have run their course in my life. I don’t know why I hung on so long.” “Letting go isn’t easy. And hope is even harder to let […]

No. Really. Making. Love.

Sometimes I stare at your picture and imagine making love. No. Really. Making. Love. With our bodies n souls intertwined as one pulse. With the blood of our viens seeping into each other’s hearts, bleeding. Raw. Real. Passionate. Pure. Love. I see sweat pouring from the corners of our minds, overflowing into Grails of Holy […]


“Remember that night in Tulum, sitting on the edge of the sea, with rolling waves crashing onto your feet as your eyes blurred the horizon between the stars and the reflection on the sea, melting into one as if a dream?” “Yes. It was akin to placing my head face-first into my pillow before sleep, […]

Equilibrium | Audio & Visual Interpretation.

“I’m reaching equilibrium without them, ya know … the Pseudo-Gods.” “Equilibrium was always best reached alone.” “My heart doesn’t even hurt enough anymore to cry out that this isn’t fair.” “Hence, your state. Your peace. Your space.” “That’s how it all started, ya know.” “What?” “Space.” “How so?” “I was alone in an abyss. Floating […]


“I’ve filed a Grievance against my Was-Band, ya know.” “And with whom did you file?” “God.” “Ah, did you lay it bare at God’s feet or have you snatched it up from the thorns and struck your mind with it forever more?” “I laid it bare. I let it go. It’s in His hands. Why […]