No. Really. Making. Love.

Sometimes I stare at your picture and imagine making love. No. Really. Making. Love. With our bodies n souls intertwined as one pulse. With the blood of our viens seeping into each other’s hearts, bleeding. Raw. Real. Passionate. Pure. Love. I see sweat pouring from the corners of our minds, overflowing into Grails of Holy […]


When I was slaving away at a 9-5, I had this twisted fantasy that kept creepin’ in deep. There was an atrium in the corporate office as you entered the forbidden fruit. Apple, that is. In this atrium I imagined all those men that assumed the top dog position over me, including my ex’s, lined […]

Tasteless Hypomanic Sugar Cubes.

Mean lady at the coffee shop, what’s up??? You are the first human most of us see in the morning as we shake our pillows free from the dream and crawl out of our caves in search of some semblance of life. We all have to adult sometimes. Suck it up, Shirley. _______