“Wes Go!”

“I don’t really have time to say goodbye. Not many even know I’m leaving. Not many even care. And certainly no one knows where I’m truly headed because not even I know that.” “Go Quiet. Shut it all down, Love.” “‘Cept the music.” “Yes, of course.” “Ya know who visited me today in my Dreams? […]

Time Out.

To all those brilliant souls and minds who wish to collaborate and pull our creative forces together, I desire nothing more so than to work with you; however, I need to recoup first in my own way and fully recover amongst others in my tribe. Somewhere way far, North & West, where I have been […]

Reaching an Impasse – The Cul de Sac and the Canadian Border.

Well, the music was turned up and the caffeine went to her head, so one thing led to another, and Lizzy found herself marooned in a cul de sac in the middle of the wilderness and in the midst of one empty cabin after another, staring at her destination across a lake. Canada.

Sometimes, Like Wildfire.

If you want to help someone going through a spiritual or mental health crisis, here’s a good starting point…it is better than I can put into words right now, because I just need to vent and get something off my chest, which I rarely do anymore, below: http://upliftconnect.com/hold-space-mental-health-crisis/ I’ve felt like a fraud since the […]

Writers & Travelers, Alike – A Feast for Your Soul – Song of the Open Road.

Needless to say, MIND BLOWN. Well, I’ll be damned. There it is. The gears that make me tick. The words that make me bleed. The voice that makes me swoon. And, the open road that sets me free. In one short clip. I feel as though I’ve lived this before. Right down to the buffalo […]


“I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul understood.” ~ Melissa Cox He was not only in touch with what ached deep inside, but he also knew how to express it to those few melting hearts that understood. That, […]