Check, Please.

If your love is conditional, please check yourself out of my home. If you can’t love me for where I am at currently, in my state of recovery, I can’t be bothered. If you come to me saying “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine,” from here on out, I have to walk away. […]

Time Out.

To all those brilliant souls and minds who wish to collaborate and pull our creative forces together, I desire nothing more so than to work with you; however, I need to recoup first in my own way and fully recover amongst others in my tribe. Somewhere way far, North & West, where I have been […]

Cue the 8-Ball.

“I can’t just sit around and play anymore. I can’t dilly-dally. I don’t even have much time to write in the coming month. I’d be able to fit it all in if I were as manic I was a month ago where 2 hours of sleep was all I needed, but now everything is slowing […]


I spent the afternoon reintroducing myself to the art of soapmaking. I used to make extremely elaborate soaps akin to those psychedelic beads you’d see in hipster stores all across South Street. A little rusty, have to say….but it was still worth it. I made three different scented soaps from a glycerin base, adding in […]

No. Really. Making. Love.

Sometimes I stare at your picture and imagine making love. No. Really. Making. Love. With our bodies n souls intertwined as one pulse. With the blood of our viens seeping into each other’s hearts, bleeding. Raw. Real. Passionate. Pure. Love. I see sweat pouring from the corners of our minds, overflowing into Grails of Holy […]