Lock & Key.

“It’s easier to clean house this time around, ya know.” “Totally.” “It’s like these pieces I’m selling and giving away have spirits that are attached to them that have run their course in my life. I don’t know why I hung on so long.” “Letting go isn’t easy. And hope is even harder to let […]

Could It Be? HIM & HER = YOU.

HIM & HER There once was a woman who was banished from hell. Her unforgiveness was too much for her own demons to quell. She sat atop the world all alone, lapping up the venom that pooled at her throne. Her wickedness turned down stars and laughed at the moon, putting out the sun with an earth-shattering tune. […]

My First Fashion Studio with Original Artwork – All for a Good Cause

Thanks VIDA and thanks to everyone for the inspiration! 😉 Just opened my first fashion design shop with my original artwork, thanks to VIDA! Spread the news, please. Fun, quick, easy. Something for everyone and all for great causes. Next up…Etsy and Electro Threads. Elizabeth Levine #vida #fashion #foragoodcause #art #original #uniquegifts #happyholidays