Tango-styled and tongue-twisted affair. The ripples in your energy tangled my hair. The trembling rocked my mind and drove me home to a place I forgot, to a place I once roamed. Tango-styled and tongue-twisted affair. You got what you wished for: a formidable pair. Trapped in between the moon and you was a song that […]

The Anuva Hotel

Of Russian origin, the name ANUVA means “A New Beginning.” She threw out her lastest bottle of gin in the hotel trash can outside her door, hiding the fact that she, alone, had consumed two large bottles of gin in two nights staying at his hotel in the country. Hungover and a tad tipsy, she […]

One Heart Beat Away

I am one heart beat away from missing you. I am one table away from one for two. I will have to pull my heart away. You will have to keep me from being swayed. … It’s not your fault in this triangle affair. It’s not like you were meant for me to share. I […]

Piano Man

The magic they induced was like serendipity dripping off their tongues. It soaked deep within every fiber of their being and it hung heavy in their lungs. … Piano Man caught her eye in the front of the class, back in ’97. Tickling the ivories on his desk, she thought she had died and gone unto […]