That is the question. And no, I am not talking gin, beer, or wine here. I am talking good ol’ fashioned water, soda and coffee. I get berated for the amount of coffee I drink, because it all comes down to money and it’s a waste of money to be drinking that much. I drink […]


Do you get angry in the middle of the night for things that you haven’t said, for the tales that haven’t been told, and for the chapters that haven’t been read? Do your demons play well with mine? Does your mind contract and unwind? Do you have an insatiable, unquenchable and incorrigible flair? A meeting of the minds that […]


I heard you wrestled with your heart again, we’re dressing ourselves with armor tomorrow, long-lost shieldless friend. I heard your mind has gone astray again, we’re placing the wheels back on their tracks tomorrow, long-lost wayward friend. I heard crickets on the sidelines again, we’re listening to them speak in tongues tomorrow, long-lost forgotten friend. I heard you gathered gold on […]


God, that was fun. 5-hour rendezvous with my cravings tonight. Good times. My head went numb thinking about it all. I had it all planned out for hours. I have really deep stuff to dig into and I want to write, but feel I cannot begin without lubricating my mind. So, what did I do? I […]

Pickle Says, “H.A.L.T.”

It’s just one of those days! Nothing comes to mind but sleep and a nice big bottle of gin. I am really going through some serious cravings again..have been since my interview at the recovery house. Dad is gone to my surprise, my life is on the edge of coming together or spectacularly falling to […]

The White Rabbit

I had a weird nightmare that threw a wrench in my string of positive dreams. I was set out to go on a journey alone, but they found me dead. I had all the right supplies, including an enormous white rabbit. But they told me upon my death bed that I had not used all the […]

Lust for Life

Ever hear the Trainspotting Sountrack? That was one twisted movie and an even sicker soundtrack. I remember when Royal Caribbean came out with a commercial showcasing Lust for Life. Not sure if they knew or not, but the song is really about drugs, alcohol and addiction, just as the movie was. Their tagline at the time […]