Ellipse …

“He was concerned about how it’d all end. He wants to remain true to you,” she poked at the holes in the table on her back porch, referring to our selected screenplay writer who’d be responsible for somehow magically unraveling a mind and story so fucking complex, not one soul, nor even herself, knew. “End? […]

Let It All Go. With Child or Without.

I’m frustrated by your ignore-rants. I’m frustrated from trauma felt long before you came along, dear one. I don’t have much of an agenda tonight other than to say it isn’t worth so much of my time, so long as I’m simply wasting your own. I’m sorry I feel this way, even more sorry for […]


All I remember was slurring words and hyperventilating, and I wasn’t even drinking yet. First came the demonic slurs and then came the hyperventilating and crying deep, guttural cries from depths I was unaware existed. I don’t…or, rather, I didn’t even believe in demonic forces, although I believe whole heartedly in light. I’m not religious […]


Divine intervention met me between the two coasts, on the edge of reason, sitting on the fence between a paycheck and my wildest dreams come true. Yet, I sat. Am I stupid? No. I’m calculated. I see the biggest picture. Not bigger. Biggest. It takes many steps, one further still and two behind yet. Many […]

Glitch in the Matrix

Everything had profound meaning and every conversation was a philosophical mind fuck. Every song played was epically timed, as if it was a constant soundtrack to a movie unfolding before my eyes. Needless to say – Mind Blown. …

As the Table Turns.

I assure you dear, I don’t need you. When and if I do, I will surely let you know, but do not hold your breath. To say I need you is like taking us back to a place where we initially jumped off the cliff and took that leap of faith into yet another brutal lesson, which was […]

Cadence (chapter 3, déjà vu).

“Larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic, is a stone of “answers from the sea of consciousness,” which gives freedom from self-imposed limitations and a sense of peace in finding truth.” “Oh my fucking God!” I screamed with hand to heart as I tried desperately to keep it from leaping out of my chest. Grasping […]