Lock & Key.

“It’s easier to clean house this time around, ya know.” “Totally.” “It’s like these pieces I’m selling and giving away have spirits that are attached to them that have run their course in my life. I don’t know why I hung on so long.” “Letting go isn’t easy. And hope is even harder to let […]

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“I had another nightmare.” “Its only a nightmare because he’s in it.” “Yeah, because I wake up without him.” “Why don’t you say something?” “Pride.” “You two were meant to be the leaders of a Pride, not to hold onto it.”

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Check, Please.

If your love is conditional, please check yourself out of my home. If you can’t love me for where I am at currently, in my state of recovery, I can’t be bothered. If you come to me saying “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine,” from here on out, I have to walk away. […]

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Razor’s Edge.

There’s a razor’s edge between our tongues that cuts us through our core. I loved you once and I love you still in the space where we want more. More of life and laughter, and a future where it lay between two hearts. The bleeding and pulsing that it sliced between this part: The part […]

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Skinny Dip

I’m going to bathe in the moonlight where the bubbles kiss my skin. Where the waterfalls thunder down and sink me deep within. I’m going to dance in sheer linen that saturates my breasts. I’m going to spin under and beneath at your request. I’m going to lap up pools of seamen and take a lucky shot, at all your departed CONQUESTS, that suffocate beneath the dirt and rot.

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I soaked in it twice and it ran down my thumb. The blood from the glass was all that was strung on your piano and in the souls of stars; the beating of the drums and the strumming of guitars. I played with your lyrics and I ate them for dinner. I was the world’s biggest fan, and […]