This Woman’s Work | Poem & Lyrics.

This Woman’s Work | Poem Elizabeth __________ Of all the things we should have been, we should have been You & Me; ourselves, through thick and thin and living like this for them to see. But the wind turned from North to South and the rains fell sideways through time and space; what a range […]


“Why are you distant, it’s a good day after all?” he was genuinely concerned now. “I don’t know. He chose. He chose these superficial handcuffs instead of my hand … cuffs that bind the mind when the brain bugs overwhelm him. He chose them over me … again. One of these days it’s going to arrest […]


I got my knickers in a twist and put on my passive aggressive panties, when really – it was all out of fear, my love. Now I sit in silence, doubling-up on meds just to ward off the tears that haven’t flowed since I saw you last. And I fear I may never see you […]

“Ten Fingers & Ten Toes.”

“Ten fingers and ten toes” Is a measure of good health, they say. But dancing on Daddy’s dugout, Now that’s how we know you weren’t led astray. Still waters run deep But the shallow end is where you play, But dancing on Daddy’s dugout, Now that’s how we know you weren’t led astray. The rain […]


And you escape me. Like it’s nothing. The static unfolds. And the hearse brings to mind the days of laughter past and enveloping my skin, unfolding my heart to the depths within. I remember the night we kissed on the porch under the moon, the devious nature of it all and the sunrise calling us […]


A man was killed by a Grizzly Sow and her cub in Yellowstone this past Friday. I only post because it is my worst fear and it hits close to home. I was in Yellowstone in the Spring time last year as the Grizzlies were waking up with their cubs from their long winter’s nap. I […]


So, I’m a spiritual being that happens to be human. Aren’t we all. I make mistakes and I fail. And quite a bit, as I wake up to my new reality. So, I can use all the help I can get and I tend to seek that help out from loved ones that passed on. […]