Lust for Life

Ever hear the Trainspotting Sountrack? That was one twisted movie and an even sicker soundtrack. I remember when Royal Caribbean came out with a commercial showcasing Lust for Life. Not sure if they knew or not, but the song is really about drugs, alcohol and addiction, just as the movie was. Their tagline at the time […]

Sobering Sounds

Although it may not have been the artist’s intentions, I still like to refer to the following tunes as recovery songs. I listened to these over and over in specific times in my life when I was down and out, trying to recover and trying to stay sober. I would say each song spanned a period […]


Below, is a documentary about addiction, that I came across on “Alan Watts explores what an addiction is at the core.  He talks about society and the suppression culture. He also dives into an exploration of life and death and the role of the doctor or scientist vs the priest or western spiritual […]

The Magic Pill

After years on end of alcohol abuse and failed AA attempts, I finally went to my Psychiatrist and asked about medications to help curb my alcohol cravings. He had a list waiting, probably knowing I would ask at some point. I finally settled on a select list to try at different times depending on their […]

Piano Man

The magic they induced was like serendipity dripping off their tongues. It soaked deep within every fiber of their being and it hung heavy in their lungs. … Piano Man caught her eye in the front of the class, back in ’97. Tickling the ivories on his desk, she thought she had died and gone unto […]