Lock & Key.

“It’s easier to clean house this time around, ya know.” “Totally.” “It’s like these pieces I’m selling and giving away have spirits that are attached to them that have run their course in my life. I don’t know why I hung on so long.” “Letting go isn’t easy. And hope is even harder to let […]

Nature Jumps the Fence

~ Art & Poetry by, Elizabeth Levine  Life emerges in the space that you denied; The wilderness where thoughts run wild And nature jumps the fence … Where the deepest banks erode with pride And experience carves their path, As the colors bleed outside your lines Where everything makes sense. There’s a sketch upon the […]

Where We Once Roamed.

This poem isn’t about religion. It’s more about the power within and standing up for that which you are called. I took a spiritual gifts course while living in in a beautiful cottage, nestled in Historic Chester County, where Wyeth taught and Washington took up his headquarters. Greatest time of my life. I had had […]


I poured sand in my dreams with the sandman in tow. I formed characters too, in my lowest of lows. Today is the day that I met my maker, the shimmering lords of triumph and danger. I rejected them in time, all that I hoped and wished for was just waiting for its prime to […]


Over the course of the last 10 years here on this earth, I have unraveled at the seams to gain personal freedom and evolve on a very personal level. Some of that time was spent making grave mistakes, sometimes that time was spent making good ones, and sometimes that time was spent making none at all […]


I am not sure when I dropped this idea of a soulmate or life partner. Some may assume that it is out of fear of never finding that someone, or because I was so badly humiliated in my search over the past years, or some would just assume it’s a selfish move. I don’t know. […]