Ellipse …

“He was concerned about how it’d all end. He wants to remain true to you,” she poked at the holes in the table on her back porch, referring to our selected screenplay writer who’d be responsible for somehow magically unraveling a mind and story so fucking complex, not one soul, nor even herself, knew. “End? […]

I’m Going to Take a Knife to ’em!

I may not have kids with legos strewn about and perfectly placed as obstacle courses and hazards from hell, but if I step on one more cord in my life, I’m going to take a knife to ’em all (the cords, folks…not kids). I need a wireless lifestyle. It really fucks with my vibe, ya […]


Do you get angry in the middle of the night for things that you haven’t said, for the tales that haven’t been told, and for the chapters that haven’t been read? Do your demons play well with mine? Does your mind contract and unwind? Do you have an insatiable, unquenchable and incorrigible flair? A meeting of the minds that […]


Forgiveness and love were written on the wall, in pictures, poetry and letters from them all. It was a bright, shimmering light drifting around the room, illuminating the ghosts that came back in tune. But darkness drifted on the floor, swallowing the dream whole – The rude awakening of it not being true at all. The fact still […]

The Magic Eye

Magic Eye Books, Posters, Paintings … what have you. You can’t fake it or just think you’ve seen it. Those that have the patience, see the bigger picture and it usually makes people step back with a breathless WOW! It’s kind of like an orgasm. Those that have had one, know it. Those that wonder […]