Red-Light District.

“I met a man in Paris. He was an older gent in a smoky dive bar, underground. After a half a minute convo, he unveiled his pièce de résistance. Said he was a Movie Producer.” “What did you say?” “I don’t remember. ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ comes to mind. I just remember flashing red […]


I remember the gigantic bugs in his basement where he plugged me whole through tears. Not once, but three times. Blood and all. They were satanic concoctions of this spider / cockroach / wasp hybrid. He shooed one on the keyboard in front of me that I was using to stalk his matrixyclical conversations. Wholly […]

Never a Dull Day in the Belly of a Whore – The Life of Jesus & The Scarlet Beast…

“Do you honestly think you are powerful enough to have me believe, for a second time, that my heaven looks like the inside of a lockdown unit in a Maximum-Security Psychiatric Center in Trenton, for ex-cons and terrorists, Scarlet?” “Come dwell with me, Elizabeth. I am the light, I am the way. I spoke with […]