“Repitition. They won’t let me heal, ya know.” “How so?” “They make me repeat the same stories over and over again, man. Like, I’m going on a decade now of this. They even ask me if I have flashbacks.” “Do you?” “Kinda hard not to when you have to replay the scenes all over again […]


The passing of the child like a baton to win the race against who will take her last. Treating her like a cast away to erase your troubled past. Thank you for all the help to those that came before. Casting me out into the wild only to wash up on the shore. You preserve your future to live another […]


You’ve seen me fall, now watch me rise. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of sincerity or lies. … I fall in the game expected to play. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of falling short or making your […]

Without a Trace

I had a dream this morning about a hunter or explorer who lost his hunting dog in the wilderness. He feared he had been attacked by a Grizzly or a pack of Wolves. He took out his satchel and marked an X on the dog’s name, next to the rest of the if to […]

The Psychology of Your Future Self

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” “Picking up from his now-classic 2006 book Stumbling on Happiness (public library), Gilbert argues that we’re bedeviled by a “fundamental misconception about the power of time” and a dangerous misconception known as “the end of history illusion” — at any point along our personal journey, […]

Levitation Dreams and Full Moons

Woke up from another levitation dream again, except this time, I was conscious of the fact that I had actually done it within the dream and I was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt! It was akin to lucid dreaming, but different in the same way. If THAT even makes sense?! ha. It was […]