“No, I don’t know you at all. It’s true.” “Then why do you turn away? Why don’t you try?” “I did. I fed you parts of me no one has seen and I expect the same in return.” “There’s no harm in digging, Liz.” “Yes. There is.” “How?” “Because. All I’ve ever known was digging […]

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I got my knickers in a twist and put on my passive aggressive panties, when really – it was all out of fear, my love. Now I sit in silence, doubling-up on meds just to ward off the tears that haven’t flowed since I saw you last. And I fear I may never see you […]

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There once was a woman who was banished from hell. Her unforgiveness was too much for her own demons to quell. She sat atop the world all alone, lapping up the venom that pooled at her throne. Her wickedness turned down stars and laughed at the moon, putting out the sun with an earth-shattering tune. The music went […]

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