Lock & Key.

“It’s easier to clean house this time around, ya know.” “Totally.” “It’s like these pieces I’m selling and giving away have spirits that are attached to them that have run their course in my life. I don’t know why I hung on so long.” “Letting go isn’t easy. And hope is even harder to let […]

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I found this excerpt from the Elephant Journal Today. I thought it was timely, as I am struggling with this right now. The Tao of Resentment. THE TAO OF RESENTMENT “The challenge of resentment is to master the ability to contain or sit with it long enough to hear its message. Being conscious of our […]


I Wish I Could Go With You

We sat in a room without ceilings looking up at the stars watching our getaways unfolding before our scars. I wish I could go with you, she said. Pink hair and bright eyes only a child she knew more than we fled. … We navigated an elevator with boxing bags and skis EVERLAST they said as […]

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The Magic Eye

Magic Eye Books, Posters, Paintings … what have you. You can’t fake it or just think you’ve seen it. Those that have the patience, see the bigger picture and it usually makes people step back with a breathless WOW! It’s kind of like an orgasm. Those that have had one, know it. Those that wonder […]

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Stitched Wings

The door is wide open now A bird in its natural state Wings stitched in the mind Are you okay with this? she asks Because I want to be okay In freedom and in flight Let me be okay with this Let me go Let me be Let me soar And let me free Unravel what’s been […]

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Out of the Madness

I wish I wrote it for someone else and I wish I didn’t have to think about you all the time. I can’t help who I love; In the end, it’s my mountain to climb. I want you to be happy and free; I just wish in the end, it were with me. How much […]

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