We smoked them ’til their blood ran warm as the honey calmly sedated our nerves like oozing caramel melting on simmering tongues that spoke only of melodious things as it slithered down throbbing throats meant to turn and close like switch blades on lies, only to open harmoniously within the cadence of wings beating to […]


No matter where I turn, it’s all a mother fucking lie. Everyone is so full of shit it sickens me. It enrages me. I really thought you were the last person in my life who wasn’t. But it turns out it’s a mother fucking Monkey. Ya know, I took the goddamn meds because I can’t […]

Equilibrium | Audio & Visual Interpretation.

“I’m reaching equilibrium without them, ya know … the Pseudo-Gods.” “Equilibrium was always best reached alone.” “My heart doesn’t even hurt enough anymore to cry out that this isn’t fair.” “Hence, your state. Your peace. Your space.” “That’s how it all started, ya know.” “What?” “Space.” “How so?” “I was alone in an abyss. Floating […]

Where We Once Roamed – Audio Visual Interpretations. Happy Easter!

  Where We Once Roamed – Elizabeth Levine These people aren’t my family and these steps don’t take me home, to the top of the hill where I reign down on my kingdom where I once roamed. They were ghosts at best, with routine whittling at their bones. I have no hour in which to […]

Low Roar.

There was a low roar coming from out beyond the railroad tracks that had long since seen their day. Over-grown bush, thistles and weeds choked its stakes as if they were the only living things left that cared enough to hold on to its memory. “I remember a few months back wishing that this train […]


Guardian of the Tides The ring around the moon and the galaxies in their eyes told of healed horizons and forgiveness from epic lies. The man in the moon set his hooks from the guardian of the tides; casting them down to the earth for her to bite or hide. He lived alone in silence, […]