DIRTY CANVAS. Posted by ONTHEROCKS Feb 2016 In my search for something raw and in my brave attempt to crack my own ribs in order to bleed from the heart, some may say I was trying too hard for the affection of my muse. But I ask this: why would you not give yourself every single chance […]


Not My Job.

It is not in my job description as a loving, kind, and compassionate human being to halt my progress so I can muster up what little empathy I have left for someone who berates me day in and day out. It is their job, however, to wake the fuck up, be a man, and walk […]

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Surrogate Lover.

I canceled my plans and I kissed him instead. Hard. Soft. Biting. Melting. Buckling knees. I gave in and I gave out, To the unbridled fury, Thoroughly enjoying the heat we shared. As two became one In a hot messy tongue-twisted affair. Sweaty palms. Unforgiving lips. Gyrating hips. Tangled hair. Untempered bodies. Two forces pressed […]

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Are you looking for your passion and your purpose in this life? Go to your pain, your grief, your humiliation, your last stance with the devil and your biggest fear. For in your greatest weakness you will find your greatest strength. Fear not. It’s only your reflection that you see. Overcome it with fierce swords […]

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You’ve seen me fall, now watch me rise. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of sincerity or lies. … I fall in the game expected to play. It’s either one step in or one step out. It’s living on an edge of falling short or making your […]

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