“I had another nightmare.” “Its only a nightmare because he’s in it.” “Yeah, because I wake up without him.” “Why don’t you say something?” “Pride.” “You two were meant to be the leaders of a Pride, not to hold onto it.”

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When they lay their heads upon their pillows and slip into their dreams, that’s when I allow my mind to wander and unravel at the seams. It’s in the midst of their sedation that I travel near and far. I write you poetry and sing you songs underneath the stars. It isn’t really a mystery anymore […]


Freak Flag

Let’s not be proud of ourselves because someone finds us suitable simply because we are drudgingly following society’s rules. That’s boring. Break out. Be crazy. Fly that freak flag. Surrender to individuality. Be off-center, off-kilter, and a little rough around the edges. Be proud of you, because you are different in all your uniquely fabulous ways. Who defines what’s normal […]

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Phone Home?

Can you weather the storm of uncertainty? Can you weather the storm of silence and of sleep? Can you dream big dreams and recognize deja vu for what it is? Can you compare revelations and accept them as truth? Can you fuck a woman you’ve never met and still call it making love? Can you […]

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