I would say it took about 10 years for me to reach what I thought was my highest peak. Long journey to say the least. The closer I came, the more I saw it materialize in front of me. Ya know what I saw when I got to the top? More peaks. To climb. But […]


Are you looking for your passion and your purpose in this life? Go to your pain, your grief, your humiliation, your last stance with the devil and your biggest fear. For in your greatest weakness you will find your greatest strength. Fear not. It’s only your reflection that you see. Overcome it with fierce swords […]

Creditential Confessions

I have an issue I am working on in this brain of mine. I feel like I have nothing to offer anyone. Or, I know I do, I am just left to feel as though I do not. Some friends and family are so quick to judge my life and tell me how to live […]