We smoked them ’til their blood ran warm as the honey calmly sedated our nerves like oozing caramel melting on simmering tongues that spoke only of melodious things as it slithered down throbbing throats meant to turn and close like switch blades on lies, only to open harmoniously within the cadence of wings beating to […]

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The North Light fades under the South-Bound Train. The dust gathers speed as the horsemen gather reigns. The poets and artists move to the tune of the forgotten treasure, found in music and nature, the swaying of their weightless feathers. The orchestra strikes a match and all is lit in tune, the musicians have caught their prey and not a […]


The White Rabbit

I had a weird nightmare that threw a wrench in my string of positive dreams. I was set out to go on a journey alone, but they found me dead. I had all the right supplies, including an enormous white rabbit. But they told me upon my death bed that I had not used all the […]

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She is Me.

She’s back. And I like this girl. I wanted her back in my life for just about 20 years now. Ya, that long. I have stalked her. I have searched for her into the ends of the earth. I have knocked on doors, kicked them down and locked them up…all because of HER. She is […]

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