“Remember that night in Tulum, sitting on the edge of the sea, with rolling waves crashing onto your feet as your eyes blurred the horizon between the stars and the reflection on the sea, melting into one as if a dream?” “Yes. It was akin to placing my head face-first into my pillow before sleep, […]


“I’m reaching equilibrium without them, ya know … the Pseudo-Gods.” “Equilibrium was always best reached alone.” “My heart doesn’t even hurt enough anymore to cry out that this isn’t fair.” “Hence, your state. Your peace. Your space.” “That’s how it all started, ya know.” “What?” “Space.” “How so?” “I was alone in an abyss. Floating […]

Could It Be? HIM & HER = YOU.

HIM & HER There once was a woman who was banished from hell. Her unforgiveness was too much for her own demons to quell. She sat atop the world all alone, lapping up the venom that pooled at her throne. Her wickedness turned down stars and laughed at the moon, putting out the sun with an earth-shattering tune. […]


Written October 2017. “All of you have been coming through what you would see to be challenges, the narrow part of the hourglass, the bit of squeezing. It is a place of gifting, but it does not always feel as a gifting. It is a place where there will be clarity about priorities, about what […]

The Point of No Return.

It’s like sometimes I forget who I am, where I’ve been and what I’ve overcome, when I resurface. It’s like getting to know the real me over and over again until it finally sinks in…I’m not made of this world, I’m not made for this world and to this world I shall never return. I […]

The Trip & The Folly, The Pricks & The Jolly.

There is no telling when the clocks stop; the anger surges under the World that shifts forward and turns around in Hell. Heaven awaits as the gates open to her gaze; the one with the eclipsed eyes that speak of miracles in their understated ways. The trip and the folly, the tempered veins; the pricks […]